OFFICER BATCH 2024 & 2025:- SSC Exams Complete Preparation (All Subjects)
Complete Maths for all Competitive Exams (SSC Special)[Dronacharya Batch]
General Awareness for SSC Exams 2024

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"SSC CGL 2022 Rank- 1312 Self Doubt, lack of confidence and feeling hopeless are some of the emotions that an aspirant usually face in his SSC journey. These emotions might be linked to a particular section, performance in mocks, or even Exam day itself. For me it was the Gk section. GK course by RBE was very very helpful in boosting my confidence which not only helped me in achieving a decent score in GK but the added confidence also helped me in improving my accuracy in other sections as well. Lectures paired with PYQs were very helpful. Hats off to team RBE. And Thanks for making this course affordable."
Rishabh Tripathi
"SSC CGL 2022 AAO Rank- 3 So first of all I would like to thank you and your team for providing us the immense pool of PDFs. I didn't take your any course but your PDFs are more than the course. It helped me a lot to predict how and where ssc is inclined, and some GK questions of dances and festivals which for most of the students is a difficult topic to understand, you made it easier through PDFs and all. So very very very thank you Shubham sir and Radhika mam."
"SSC CGL 2022 AAO Rank- 122 Everyone talks about your content but apart from it RBE shows us path and then it gives us wing to fly there. RBE not only makes officers but manufactures them."

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